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The Princess Bride Gets Gangbanged

Natasha Starr is a gorgeous bride who gets everything she wants from her new husband. She’s spoiled and doesn’t think twice about asking for a gangbang for her wedding present.

This sexy shoot takes an evening of satisfaction to a whole other level with intense anal, DP, bukkake, rough sex, throat-fucking and more!



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Story – Teen couple meets up with a few jocks that make the best of the situation and bang that sweet girl

I don’t know how you were in collage but I remember being a very bubbly girl that had an incredible sexual appetite and was very proud of it. Every time I tried to surprise and make my boyfriend from then be proud of me. He was two years older than me but not that experienced. We basically tried almost everything together, being young and horny all of the time. Everything usually happened very fast, unfortunately and your agitated, early youth lasted just as long as our relationship did. But yes, it was with him that I discovered my cheeky sexual self, my fondness for public sex or for gang bangs.


Being young and extremely horny we got to the point where we were heavily petting inside movie theatres and giving each other dirty looks at diner’s. I know not everyone had such a sultry adolescence but I was lucky enough to meet a young guy that did not take my strong sexuality for granted and was not scared to pin me down to the bed or, occasionally to the desk at school, after classes. We heavily enjoyed brutal sex and we were aware of all the risks that it involved having discovered the internet.


He wasn’t Prince Charming and most certainly I was no Cinderella but we hit it off right away after we’ve met in a summer camp where we played “Truth or Dare” and kissed for the first time, the first night. I remember that afterwards he came into my room, climbed up to my bunk bed and held me tightly. I could already feel his boner on my ass because I wasn’t wearing anything but panties and a shirt. I hope you can imagine that we were sleeping four in the same room and with him, we were actually five and all of us were in the room when he decided to play dirty with me.


Everything was new and exciting as he groped my breasts from behind. He seemed really clumsy but as soon as I guided his hand down my panties, he seemed really skilled, petting my little shaven cunt slowly even though I could feel his cock pulsating, ready to burst, he held on. I started grinding my ass against his boxers, making things even harder for him. Then he put my hair to the side to whisper in my ear:


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Story – Plump and gorgeous brown-haired girl gets her holes stretched by several horny men at the same time

This is no ordinary story. It is one of those stories that make real men’s cocks drip and swell; a story that will make any innocent-looking girl look like the ultimate cum slut because this story is actually written by one. No mind, no matter how deeply perverted can be capable of imagining such brutal sex scenes like the ones in my mind; and I used to be such a nice girl…


Even from when I was little I always played hide and seek with the boys and each time I was hiding and one of the boys sought me without doing anything to me I was rather disappointed. I wanted to be punished, to have them touching me in a way that made my blood rush and boil, I wanted to be rewarded with something sudden, for how well I ran, hid and foolishly let myself get caught. It never happened and for a long time I did not think about this disappointment that I felt back them.


Obviously, things started to change in puberty and adolescence. My hormones took the best of me and before I knew it I found myself playing with my slippery clit between my playful fingers, it was all I could do and frankly it was all I ever wanted to do all day long. It was my moment of perfect egotistical satisfaction that no one saw and/or understood. I thought I had discovered the world’s secret to annoyance or frustration. Little did I know that this was happening to everyone in their private time, but I really didn’t care. Every time I felt my pussy lips getting hotter and wetter I would find a reclusive space and start to undress. Sometimes undressing wasn’t necessary, all that was needed was to part my panties to the side.


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Story – Sultry patient gets a surprisingly arousing check-up and is fucked by her doctor and his medical staff

What started out as a routine gynecologist check-up, ended with a surprisingly arousing gang-bang. I know, what were the odds? Me, a grown woman, going to a routine check-up, ending up fucking my favorite doctor and his assistants.


The truth is, as a woman in her mid-thirties, recently divorced, I looked really hot and was not embarrassed to show it. I wore high heels on a regular basis, showing prude little high-school girls how a real woman dresses up and seduces me. Corsets and tight, leather skirts were also present in my wardrobe and were frequently used. Ever since my husband left me I felt like I was living my life again and restarting everything.


But before taking over my life and enjoying what was left of my youth, I decided to make a full body control at the doctor’s to make sure that I am capable of enjoying myself with whomever I chose.


Marriage is hard and when you decide to take this step when you are really young you might not be making a very accurate decision. My former husband and I were both virgins before our wedding and we married because we wanted to do the right thing. Our parents knew each other and we grew up together so we decide that marrying each other’s best friend is the best possible decision. We couldn’t have been more wrong… He was always the good guy, the one that likes to fuck you missionary and cuddle after sex that lasts for about two minutes. I was never like that. I can appreciate a good soul but a husband needs to be man to take over, to pull my hair in bed, make me scream, fuck me so hard that I can barely walk straight the next day. He wasn’t like that; he was seeing in me still his best friend from childhood that he had the abhorring responsibility to fuck. And I know I am no ugly woman but each time I sensed that he felt that sex had become a drag, he made me feel that way.


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Story – Naughty schoolgirl gets to be taught a very valuable lesson in brutal sex by her horny teachers

I was usually a girl that didn’t get noticed right away, was not a straight A student but wasn’t dumb either. What I did get noticed for though was my innocent appearance that fortunately had nothing to do with my very active sexuality. Starting to masturbate from an early age, I had always been curious about everything that had to do with pleasing my own body so I very often turned to pornography to see what else is there to try on my own.


As a college student, I really didn’t want to get involved with anyone because I knew that it wouldn’t last and probability to find someone just as kinky as me was very low and I doubt that many collage boys were capable of sharing me with other boys because yes, I really wanted to experience at least a gang bang.


At best at parties I usually convinced boys to have sex with me in a semi-dark room, where other couples would sleep, being drunk and half naked but for a future whore like me, of course this was not enough.


One faithful day a professor form the US was assigned to our faculty and coincidentally I have known him beforehand and have been online buddies for quite a while. I have to admit that we had kinky conversations before and I had no doubt about the fact that he would fuck my brains out, matter of fact I was dying for it to happen but I couldn’t be very forward about it due to the academic context in which we found ourselves.


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Story – Horny and stunning woman gets a special surprise from her lover after a relaxing massage

I have to admit it is pretty lonely to be a horny woman all of the time that gets her kicks solely while having fun with her gorgeous and attentive lover. But sometimes even that is not enough. Sometimes you want more and that does not necessarily mean that you are dissatisfied with your boyfriend but rather that you seek new experiences. If you are lucky enough you might even have your man on your side, seeing things your way, then you are one of the lucky ones.


I have an interesting vision which regards fidelity and loyalty. I believe that the former is a useless invention of people who wanted to control their spouses whereas the latter is a very noble asset that when offered and put on displays to the right kind of people it is noticed and valued correctly. So, if one were to fantasize about gang bangs and admittedly making subtle remarks to her Master, that would not be a sign of infidelity but on the contrary, it would be a sign of loyalty, a sign that you care to share whatever you have in your mind with that significant other.


I remember not long ago when I and my Master were at the beginning of our BDSM journey that to test me he made me a very lovely proposal after we had lunch in the city. He volunteered to give me a very special massage. Being very fond of massages and knowing that he holds a heavy hand I couldn’t say no to him, so as soon as we got in the house, I hopped into the shower while he was making some phone calls.


It was a hot day so a cold shower was all that I needed. I slipped out of my summery lilac dress and hopped into the shower. I let the water run on my face first and then I put some shampoo in my hand which I put through by light brown locks. My nipples harden instantly as the cold water pours across my voluptuous body and I deeply enjoy the feeling. I make sure to clean all of my body, insisting on my big ass and private areas, to get myself going and ready for what will later become one of the most intense and interesting massages in the history of massages.


Stepping out of the shower I take a white towel and dry up my medium length hair and wrap the towel around my body as I step into the bedroom. He looks at me smiling and standing on the edge of the bed he lets me know that I may sit next to him.


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Story – Couple has fun on the seaside with some unexpected friends that they meet while on vacation

Being the curious cum slut that I am I have always fantasized about public sex but never truly experienced it. Well, blowjobs at a red light in the car do not count, right? I was not naked back then I was just eagerly blowing my man at his command. Exciting as it was, I didn’t get to touch my pussy and he couldn’t reach it for me either since he was driving and it was bad enough that he could hardly focus on the road with me sucking on him furiously and making wet sounds with my mouth.


I have to admit I love giving blowjobs; even more than I like to be went down on. I love it because I am given the wonderful opportunity to taste and handle the most important part of his body and that’s a big responsibility. How can I not do anything in my power to feel his load down my throat when I know that he feels incredible while I do that? And whenever he feels incredible, I feel exactly the same. I love everything about his cock: its shape, size, smell, taste, texture, warmth. I love the fact that sometimes I gag on it because he takes my throat by surprise, I love the fact that it pulsates in my mouth when he spurts his delicious load. I love the fact that sometimes he cums in my mouth, letting me taste him, a taste that is equal to nothing on this planet, I love it that sometimes he cums deep in my throat and I am left with no taste in my mouth as a punishment. Sometimes he even cums on my face and makes me gather his sweet seed with my fingers and taste it right then and there, in front of him. But mostly I love that he rewards me with so little gestures like a kiss on the forehead or a soft graze on my cheek, something so small but heavily endowed with meaning and feelings. If the gesture was grander or more passionate it would be a cliché or something fake or forced and I couldn’t allow that (if I had any power over him whatsoever). That is why I love giving blowjobs, the whole process is pleasurable and the reward is unimaginably symbolic and strong.


He usually isn’t complimenting my oral skills as much as he does my looks just so that it won’t get to my head. And I don’t blame him, each time I get the chance, I bent the rules a little and tease him, playing dumb and acting like a brat. These are the consequences of dating a significantly younger woman.


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Story – Very confident and alluring woman manages to blow a couple of cops mind teaching them tricks

I bet that you horny men out there have a soft spot for beautiful, lace lingerie. Well, you are pretty much in luck because I also love the feeling of soft satin or lace tight around my ass or legs. Not to mention that combining colors and textures is something that I heavily enjoy doing. Every time I go shopping, even if the budget doesn’t allow it, I can’t help but go into a lingerie shop and look at all the beautiful models of fabric and design. Stockings and garter belts are a must. Day-in, day-out I must wear them to feel confident about myself. I know it takes something to convince the other person of he or she is looking good and that’s my addiction: sultry underwear. Men-wise, it never failed me. I always managed to impress men with my impeccable taste in intimate clothing. Some men got instantly hot when I used to touch their groin under the table with the tips of my nylon-bound toes and that made me feel really powerful. As powerful as a submissive woman can feel, but in any case, lingerie makes me happy and it drives men insane. I have never met a man who couldn’t appreciate a push-up bra that is nicely fitted with some lace hot pants that are the same color as the garter belt and stockings.


Matter of fact, every time I prepare myself to go out, and I wear stockings underneath a pencil skirt, I always manage to catch the eye of several men. What was the outcome of this action? Well, I started to have sexual fantasies about having rough sex with several men at the same time. Yes, gang bangs. Ever since that happened it has been constantly on my mind until one faithful day…


I like doing things by myself because I know that they always end up being nicely done so don’t be surprised when I tell you that I love masturbating. I can get off whenever I want, I can have it done as rapidly as I want, when I want it and where I want it. Too bad I can’t have men whenever I want but giving the right signals, I managed to allure some men and have a few interesting encounters.


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